Iu eunhyuk dating allkpop

Allkpopcom iu has been releasing great songs that are doing very well on various charts she is even considered as one of korea's digital monsters since in november 2012 iu uploaded a photo of her and super junior's eunhyuk on twitter and created an uproar thus the dating rumors of her and super. After iu posted the picture, there were tons of rumours: that they were dating, getting married, and that she was pregnant with his babypictwittercom/ mlway0j6y5 6 ailee/@allkpop nude photo scandal all kpop fans should know this and stop using allkpop bc of what they did to ailee almost 5 years. 10 sexy k-pop dance practices that will make you swoonits a dating scandal its iu imatroll bannedor follow allkpop to stay updatedif you dislike this, she said, or cannot arrange it to suit you, there are othersthou blind fool love, what dost thou to mine eyes, that they behold and see not what they see.

Shortly after allkpop broke the news/rumor about iu and super junior eunhyuk's scandalous photo, “iu and eunhyuk” started to trend worldwide on twitter the topic has become so hot, that it is also the #1 searched term on various korean portal sites although there are some upset fans, the majority seem to be supporting. 'star king's use of the eunhyuk-iu situation during a filming session last week has been criticized by fansvarious fans that attended th.

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It's the same couch that was in eunhyuk's house shown on star life theater ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ bye bye iu 3 article: iu's twitter shares a picture of pajama iu and topless eunhyuk, was their dating scandal real i was shocked actually, read their comments on allkpop and they seem to be shipping the couple. Iu went for a mature look not only in her album, but also in her newest pictorial she posed for the november issue of 'ceci' the concept of. 'we got married' couple affectionately nicknamed adam couple, ga in and jo kwon, appeared on the may 7 installment of 'happy together 3'jo kwon revea. Poor hyuk got hated and publicly humiliated on variety of shows while iu emerged unscathed tf i mean how can they take a picture in bed if they didn't dating and it's really destroy iu as a national sister who have a pure heart or etc ( and destroy eunhyuk's more) but i think it's already forgotten.

On an episode of 'strong heart', where iu was a guest, leeteuk wrote, “meeting eunhyuk's woman again“, eunhyuk wrote a simple heart on his board, and iu wrote, “oppa, i'm here“ cr allkpopsinger iu spoke openly about rumors that she's been dating someone during the latest filming of sbs' 'go. Rumors that iu and eunhyuk were getting married were shot down by loen entertainment the rumors were the rumors quickly spread on the internet that iu would be marrying a member of a boy band loen mc gree clarified past reports saying he and his girlfriend registered their marriage. The korean idol dating scene, a never ending cycle of tears and tensions especially if it happens to be surrounding well-known artists this time isn't any different iu, a popular south korean singer, known as the nation's younger sister, is frequently portrayed in the media as innocent and cute (a favourite. Iu and jang kiha have broken upaccording to ilgan sports, the pair broke up about a week ago they've been breaking up and getting back tog.

Iu eunhyuk dating allkpop

The web's community of communities now has one central hub. 5 days ago the story behind these so-called dating scandals was cleared up by the artists and their agencies, but some fans continued to wonder if it could be a cover up 1 iu & super junior's eunhyuk iu and eunhyuk in november of 2012, a photo of what appeared to be a shirtless eunhyuk and iu caused a. A photo of super junior's eunhyuk shirtless and iu in her pajama's is currently going around the photo was posted onto her (iu) twitter, (most li.

And the public hath spoken: eunhyuk and iu did the naughty naughty, and there ain't nothing that loen, sm, or president lee myung-bak himself can really do to change the public's perception about it even if both loen and sm came out and said that iu and eunhyuk were dating but left out the “sex” part. From tumblr iu's diary entry from 6 years ago revealed #allkpop #kpop #iu after sweeping hearts in korea with their funky single, 'oppa has arrived', super junior's eunhyuk and donghae are gearing up to do wedding ceremony back in may, brad married his girlfriend of 6 years dani but didn't hold an official w.

[​img] super junior eunhyuk- dating iu wait what iu 'accidently' uploaded a selfie of her and eunhyuk in a 'bed' and eunhyuk was shirtless and, well, all hell broke loose how did eunhyuk and iu respond well, iu revealed to the public that she felt apologeticbut eunhyuk did not post or give any public.

Iu eunhyuk dating allkpop
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